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Traffic Control Changes

Traffic control is moving from Stage 2 to Stage 3.  The move will shift all traffic from the west side of Blake road to the east side of the road beginning at Highway 7 to Lake Street.  Traffic crossovers will be located at Lake Street, as well as south of Excelsior, where traffic will flow normally.

The movement of traffic flow onto one side of the road will allow crews to complete underground utility work and begin grading for curb and pavement.

Give Us a Brake

Please approach traffic control change locations and intersections with caution as workers may be present.

What's happening?


In 2014, an improvement plan was created from the Blake Road Corridor Study that was commissioned by the City of Hopkins.  The study highlighted opportunities and laid out several goals that will improve Blake Road.

Final Layout 022318 small.jpg

What improvements will be made?

Once the project is complete, the improvements will:

  • Create a corridor that is comfortable, safe, and functional for all modes including:

    • Pedestrians

    • Bicyclists

    • Motor vehicles

    • Freight

    • Transit

  • Facilitate redevelopment opportunities that will support a vibrant corridor

  • Improve natural resources within and adjacent to the corridor

  • Improve access to and connectivity across Highway 7

  • Improve connections between the corridor and adjacent neighborhoods, parks and trails.

what does that mean for me?

Construction will occur on Blake Road beginning in April 2018.  Throughout this time, detours and road closures may occur. 

Several updates on the project and construction timeline will be sent out in the coming months with specific information on what you can expect. 

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